Brass Nine Design

We Believe

That modern businesses need to look beyond brochure-ware when planning for the web - We'll help you reach your audience /customers / grandma using cutting edge technology in a way that is not intimidating to your users or your budget.

Who We Are

Brass Nine Design is a full service web design firm. Our experience includes working with startups, non-profits, and Fortune 100 companies. We are designers, engineers, information architects and artists.

We like working with clients who face tough technology, business, and user challenges and who know that they can use the web to strengthen their businesses and their relationships with their clients.

We have no office space - and we never will. We don't spend money "to keep the lights on" so when you go with us, you pay for nothing but talent - which is often why you hire consultants in the first place!

What We Do

We build great websites fast, give you control over your content, create easy-to-use web applications using cutting-edge technologies and best practices, and help you align your technology strategy to your business goals. We enjoy making the most of the skills your team has on-site and using our skills to fill in the gaps. We build great sites that fit your business not only how they look and work, but also in how they'll be maintained.
Contact us if you have any questions about these services, or if you'd like to explore how using the web could improve the reach or quality of the service you offer.