Microsoft - Rube Goldberg & The Curious Cloud Contest

Worked with Synteractive and Microsoft to produce a game and supporting website for attendees of the MIX11 conference in Las Vegas. The contest involved building and filming a Rube-Goldberg-esque contraption that contained a Netduino and series of sensors. The resultant device would communicate with Azure, Microsoft’s cloud offering, and report the status of the device, and whether or not the contest conditions had been met. Contest entries were voted for via the Facebook API. Other technologies included HTML 5, Bing maps, and Twitter.

Client:Microsoft, Inc.
Services:Web Design and Development, Illustration, Game Planning

Epic Freight Solutions

Created brand system, web site and print materials for EFS, a domestic and international freight forwarding company. The website was designed to provide Epic with a clean and professional façade, as well as a solid sales tool for the applications that B9D has worked with EFS to build for their clients.

Client:Epic Freight Solutions
Services:Branding, Web Design and Development, Illustration

Epic Freight Solutions - Clarity Application

Produced technology strategy, design and development for an internal application for shipping freight both domestic and international. The business processes were all analyzed for improvements and the whole system was optimized to work with an industry standard freight management system, while providing powerful and easy-to-use tools not previously available in the market.

A dashboard for clients to manage their shipping costs and individual shipments was produced to give EFS a clear edge over competitors. A number of custom client- and server-side technologies were employed to make using the application intuitive and fast for end-users.

Client:Epic Freight Solutions
Services:Technology Strategy, Architecture Services, Web Design and Development.

KPCC Redesign

Performed competitive analysis and provided system architecture expertise for a complete redesign of Southern California Public Radio’s (KPCC) website. Worked with senior leadership team, news room, web team and underwriting team to develop a new information architecture and develop a new visual design in keeping with KPCC’s growing influence in the LA media landscape.

Services:Competitive Analysis, Technology Strategy, Web Design - Fixed Income Investment Website

Created strategy, information architecture, visual design, icon design and interaction design for, Inc. Developed, tested and deployed the site, and integrated with existing feeds and applications.

Created marketing materials, print collateral and performed brand extension. Redesigned key elements of partner program secure site and application., Inc.
Services:Tech Strategy, Architectural Services, Web Design and Development, Print Design.

LA Times’ “The Guide” Redesign

Performed competitive analysis, information architecture and visual design for listings pages for “The Guide”, part of the Los Angeles Times. Improved page flow, performed user task analysis and worked with editorial staff and management, product management and IT staff to re-envision the destination pages for The Guide – restaurants, concert venues, events and more – for the LA and Orange Counties.
Client:Los Angeles Times
Services:Web Strategy, Web Design

Community Website Concept

Provided strategy, content analysis, audience analysis, information architecture and visual design for community site around the physical and architectural history of downtown Long Beach, CA, and its future expansion plans. Site is under development.
Services:Web Design